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Sample Saturday: DermOrganic Hair Care

Sample Saturday time! This week I'm sampling a hair care program from DermOrganic. I actually requested these sample a long time ago, months ago actually, and I never even got the chance to try it until now due to various reasons and just plain being sampled out after receiving a ton of hair care products across various beauty subscriptions.

I reached out to DermOrganic's customer service and their representative was super helpful, she told me their hair treatments are perfect for my weak colored hair, so I decided to give it a try. I received four travel-sized samples of their hair care products: Daily Conditioning Shampoo, Daily Moisturizing Conditioner, Masque Hair Repair and the Leave-in Treatment. And for the record, these products are all 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, preservative-free and gluten-free.

Daily Conditioning Shampoo
I'm so used to sulfate-free shampoos not lathering well that I almost jumped in the tub when I felt a thick lather forming on my head. In fact it was even thicker than most sulfate-rich shampoos I used in the last so I really don't know how they did that. This shampoo is super thick and I had trouble getting it out of the bottle, so it's a good thing that the full size comes with a pump. In short, it looks and feels more like a hair masque, but lathers like a sulfate shampoo. I actually liked this product a lot!

Daily Moisturizing Conditioner
This conditioner felt nice and instantly detangled my hair. Usually it takes about a minute for my current conditioner to do that, so that was a very noticeable improvement. Just like the shampoo it smells really nice, that warm fragrance feminds me of coconuts and something else tropical. 

Masque Hair Repair
I honestly didn't even need to use the masque because I was perfectly satisfied with the conditioner, but for the sake of Sample Saturday I had to give it a try. the masque felt just like the conditioner, except it was a bit thicker and looked more like the shampoo that i just used. It relaxed my hair even more and I just felt like I don't even need to comb it.

Argan Oil Leave-in Treatment
At first I was like "Oh yey... another argan oil treatment.. excited..", but then I noticed that it's actually different from three other argan oil leave-in treatments I currently own so it was actually fun to compare it with them. This particular treatment is clear and smells heavenly, and it's runnier than the similar products I own. I can't tell whether it's better or not but I do like the smell a lot and it helped with my frizz problem. But then again, I found out that most argan oil hair treatments do the same thing for me, it's just a matter of how much I apply and which one ends up being cheaper.

Speaking of cheaper, all of these products are perfectly affordable. The 33.8oz shampoo and conditioner jugs would only cost you about $30 each which is not much at all for a lot of product.

The verdict: I actually liked these products more than I thought I would, and the fact that they're reasonably priced makes the deal even better.

Disclosure: I received complimentary samples from the company per my own request and was never asked to write this review. Individual results or experiences may vary. You may obtain more detailed information from the company's website. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


  1. I tried this out too and totally agree with your thoughts! My favorite by far was the conditioner - I'm amazed that it works so quickly and leaves my hair completely detangled, with very little. I'm planning on buying the conditioner as soon as I work through the products I already have open. Love your blog by the way!

    1. Thank you for the comment, I'm so happy that you like my blog! :)
      I plan to buy the salon-sized versions of both the shampoo and the conditioner after I use up my current stash. In fact I noticed that now I use way more shampoo than I should because I want to get rid of it sooner haha :D

  2. I tried these products and I love them. Thanks so much for turning me onto them. I will totally buy them.

    1. You're so welcome, I'm glad you liked them as much as I have :)
      These are really great products!

  3. This is an question, how do you go about putting in for your free samples?

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