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Sneakpeeq VIP Gold Mystery Box Review: Girl Who's Got It All

I got an email from Sneakpeeq that they restocked their mystery boxes after the Black Friday sale (which I managed to miss somehow). At the time they had three options to choose from: Holiday Glam Girl, Girl Who's Got It All and Nature Girl. I bought the Girl Who's Got It All box because I liked the potential contents list: argan oil skincare and deluxe handbags.

Guess what? I lucked out and received one of the Gold VIP boxes which contain more expensive items instead of the regular cheaper ones. The price of one single item in my box brought up the value to $100! That was a fun gamble and I'm glad I went for it! And as I was analyzing the contents it really felt like all of these items would make nice gifts for any "girl who's got it all", because they were all basic products but fancier than what you'd normally use.

Here is the description of the box I bought:

  • $60 minimum retail value, plus a chance at $500 in bonus items!
  • 5+ surprises per box
  • You might uncover surprises from best selling brands like Clever Girl Innovations, Elaina Badro Makeup Brushes, or Rich Hippie fragrances

I didn't receive any of the brands above, but even if I did I would still be very happy with my box. I love brushes after all, and I could have used Clever Girl Innovations heat-resistant silicone pads for my flat iron.
Since this box is going under the tree I'm not going to use anything for now.

Chella Skin Care Night Cream Ultra Hydrator with Peptides
Whoa, that's an expensive cream right there! First impression: "shocked", because I certainly didn't expect to get anything like that. I actually expected my entire box value to be lower than the cost of this one cream. Anyhow, I'm not using it just yet but from a couple reviews I read online this is a pretty good night time moisturizer and I intend to use it after I finish my tube of YonKa from New Beauty Test Tube.

Lucy B Royal Peony Rose and Mandarin Musk Perfume Oil 
I opened it briefly to smell the roll and the scent was super floral and feminine. But like I said in one of my recent blog posts, no floral is too floral for me, I really like these types of fragrances!

La Fresh Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes 
I liked the pink version of these wipes after getting to try them in my inaugural Birchbox. I love using wipes as a pre-cleanse but my face gets easily irritated by most of them, so I'm always excited when I find a brand that my skin doesn't immediately reject.

Furlesse Rows Forehead Line Reducing Patches 
I don't have any fine lines on my forehead but I know someone who does and would be happy to receive this 3-day sampler as a gift. The reviews are all positive so I'm not even worried that she won't like it :)

My Other Bag in Kelly 
Oh this bag looks so fun and it's probably the most fashion-forward grocery tote I've ever seen. It's made of sturdy canvas and the print looks very high quality.

The verdict: I really lucked out to get such an awesome mystery box and I'm definitely going to get one next time they offer them. Everything in my box was beautifully packaged and it didn't contain any discontinued products or second-rate items.

ProductRetail Value
Chella Skin Care Night Cream Ultra Hydrator$100.00
Lucy B Royal Peony Rose and Mandarin Musk Perfume Oil$24.00
La Fresh Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes$9.99
Furlesse Rows Forehead Line Reducing Patches$1.99
My Other Bag in Kelly$29.99
Box Retail Value$165.97
Disclosure: I bought this.


  1. I'm no fan of Sneakpeeq. They guaranteed my purchase to be delivered by Christmas. It is now January 4 and nothing has arrived. I'm not the only one though. Lots of people posted similar experiences on their Facebook page. However, the other day Sneakpeeq deleted dozens of these comments. While they deleted my comment too asking for my package, their customer service never bothered to email me back. Their guarantee was a hollow promise and their customer service is terrible. I will never buy anything from them ever again.

    1. Wow that's not cool at all... I actually emailed them asking when my order is supposed to come because there was only a week or so left until Christmas. And I received the following reply in less than a day from someone names Steven:
      "Hi Anastasia,

      These are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas and will be shipping out shortly. We'll email you with tracking info one the packages leave our facility. Thanks!

      Thank you very much!
      - Steven"

      Soon after I got my tracking info and the box came really fast. So yeah, try to reach out to that "Steven" guy, he seems to get things done.

  2. I had never heard of this box, but how cute is that canvas bag, you got so many products for the price, but I guess that is hit or miss, lucky you! :) Just found your blog and love it.


  3. Hey Anastasia,

    I got exactly the same box as you to try out SneakPeeq and I got the VIP ticket as well but I have to say I was NOT impressed! I thought it was rubbish I was expecting a lot more. The pump on the Chella cream was broke so unusable, my wrinkle patches were covered in black bits from the black straw in packaging so that's two products I couldn't even use!

    If you would like to see my full review please take a look at

    Thank you:)

    Emma xo

    1. Hello Emma!

      Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog about this box. I'm sad to hear that you were disappointed with your mystery box because I was more than thrilled with mine. I was thinking what to do with the reusable bag and realized that I can also use it as a beach bag since it's so cute :)

      I don't know if you are familiar with LaFresh wipes, but I received a sample in one of my Birchboxes and they have been on my wishlist ever since. I use wipes every day as my evening pre-cleanse routine. These are the best ones out of all the wipes I have tried, and I've been through about two dozen various brands. So they might look like "just a pack of wipes" but they're actually amazing! I hope you can give them a try :)

      The perfume experience is obviously very individual, and I can see people disliking certain fragrances and other people loving these same fragrances. I don't think Sneakpeeq should have sent out something like that to begin with.

      That sucks that your Furlesse strips had residue on them, mine didn't but they easily could have judging from the way they were packaged :(

      I have not opened my Chella product (which was a night cream, not a serum), but if your pump was broken to begin with you should probably contact the manufacturer rather than Sneakpeeq. If it was a manufacturing defect they should be able to replace your product or maybe even send you some freebies as an apology. I've done this several times whenever I had defective products in my subscription boxes with positive results every time.

      I hope that was helpful!

      Anastasia ;)